We offer ordination and training to start a church from scratch (Church Planting).  Are you the type of person who has a history of starting projects?  Envisioning things?  Church planting involves phases of gathering people together, creating group identity, discipling people in understanding God's love, and finding ways to a mission to make a difference in the community and share the Good News of God's unconditional love for all.


We offer training, support, and ordination.  Our ordination combines Two Tracks, a Practical Ministry Track with the Academic Training Track of scholarship under a mentor studying texts in areas of study such as (Partial List):  The Bible, Church History (Development of the Biblical Canon process, Early Church Fathers, Theological controversies and Doctrinal Development, Creeds), Apologetics (Critical Thinking, the Ability to Intelligently present the "Why" of "What" you Believe to a Skeptical and Educated World), Living Out Christ's Teachings, Church Planting Movements and Church Health &  Growth, The Book of Revelation (A Healthy View of Eschatology), Counseling, Cults: Traits of Unhealthy Religious Groups, and Comparative Religion.


Our practical ministry track training equips our ministers in areas such as: (Partial List) Starting and Multiplying House Churches, Leading Worship, Healing, 21st Century Evangelism: The Eternal Grace model of Listening + Prayer and Spiritual Gifts vs. Fundamentalist approaches of Confrontation & Condemnation, Meditation & Prayer, and Spiritual Gifts.


Our ordination is a recognition Christ has called an individual and they have fulfilled both the academic track and a practical ministry training track and they are involved in service in a practical way such as (Partial List): Starting and multiplying ongoing Eternal Grace gatherings, and/or service in the community to disadvantaged populations described in Matthew 25:35, 36, and/or Chaplaincy (Hospital, Military, Jail, etc) and/or a creative evangelistic sharing of God's Good News with the world.


If you are interested in church planting and/or ordination, contact us at and one of our coaches can let you know the next step.  


If you can't find a similar organic church near you, we suggest starting one yourself using the format on the page on this website entitled "Start A New Meeting Guide."




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