ETERNAL GRACE has no dues or fees.  We are self-supporting through our own contributions. 



BE A LIGHT FOR ROBERTO.  We need YOU to Host/Organize a Screening/Viewing party.  Recently, Richard Rossi, the director of "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories" had an idea come to him in a dream to show the Clemente movie coast-to-coast to honor his boyhood hero Roberto Clemente.  To host screening email or
Location for your screening: Let us know what ideas you have as to where you can show it where you live. Your screening can be anything from a small gathering of friends and family in your home, to a bigger event, raising awareness among your community, church, school or university.
The location possibilities are endless. It could be a theater, school, church, bowling alley, classroom, even private home where we don't have rental cost and you either pass offering to help spread message of film or sell tickets.  In the case of theaters, you could ask if they would be able to donate screen time.  If this doesn't happen, you may need to find out who the film buyer is and have them connected to Richard Rossi via e-mail to work out arrangements of some sort of split on the tickets if the theater isn't willing to donate a free usage of the theater. Screenings currently are ranging from home parties of 20 people in a living room to theaters seating 500+. 

Reserve a Venue


A film screening can be held at any venue that has the capacity to show a DVD and seat a number of people. As we said above, this could be a local school or university auditorium, a theater, library, coffee shop, bookstore, church, or even your own home. School auditoriums and theaters are ideal for large audiences, but a classroom or living room can work too, as long as you have access to a DVD player or projector and a screen or large TV. Certain venues may incur a fee, and this might be something you need to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to charge an entrance fee, an alternative is finding a sponsor, person, or organization willing to cover this cost. Figure out what works best for you. Being familiar with your screening location can help ensure a good screening experience. Visit the location first to get a feel for the environment.


Is the location central to those attending? Could lack of good public transport links be a problem? Is there parking available? Is it wheelchair accessible?


Are the acoustics adequate so everyone can hear the sound? Is the screening area in a silent space? If this is a large venue – will you need microphones?



Is there enough room for maximum planned attendance? Do you need extra tables, chairs? Are there curtains or shades available for windows in case of glare?


Does the venue provide all the audio and video equipment you need to arrange your screening?


Reserve the right Equipment


  • Projector - In most cases, a projector should be able to screen DVDs. Some have built-in DVD players, others don’t. If possible, test the system first to make sure the projector and the DVD player, if separate, are compatible. Make sure the projector can fit the screen at the size you need so everyone can see comfortably. Know how far away the projector will need to be for best quality and make sure your venue can accommodate that.

  • Screen - A screen, television, or blank white wall can be used – one that the entire audience can easily see. 


  • Audio - Most audio equipment will include an amplifier, speakers, cables and the control deck. The wattage of the speakers must be adequate to provide clear, crisp sound throughout the venue. Two speakers up in front with the screen should suffice in most cases. We strongly suggest a test screening with the movie DVD in advance and also ordering a back-up copy DVD as a safety measure.


Getting Started: The first step is to order the movie on Amazon to use as your screener for the event.  Secondly, arrange the place and a DVD projector and screen usage or rental.  If you can't get a projector, a large TV screen is the next best option.


Finances: Monies raised by ticket sales and/or a freewill love offering passing the plate will be sent to the non-profit organization Eternal Grace who sponsored the film. Monies made are to be mailed to ETERNAL GRACE, 5030 Whitsett Avenue, Suite One, North Hollywood, CA 91607 or sent through to the email  to further the movie and its message and assist with disaster relief as Roberto Clemente did. We'd like to get multiple locations in all areas of the country.  If you decide to host a screening, you'll receive a call from Richard Rossi the director (after the screening location and date are set) to talk one-on-one about Clemente or anything else you'd like to talk about. 
Charging for your Screening Event
Screening costs can differ hugely depending on the audience. The average ticket cost for those charging is $7.00. It is up to you to decide what is appropriate.

Who are you inviting? How much will they be willing to pay? Are they mostly students? Professionals? Is a door charge more appropriate or a suggested donation after the film?


Has your venue come at a cost? And is this cost going to be passed onto your attendees? Specify what percentage of the entrance fee will go to overheads, and what percentage will go to Eternal Grace. This is another reason you may wish to try and involve a sponsor to pay for any venue fees.

Think about your venue and services, and the type of event: is it high profile or low-key? All this determines the value of your event. 


Promotion: We can send you artwork files for posters you can print up your own poster. Send your email to and we can send you the beautiful artwork for promotional posters and fliers. Make up fliers to invite people and create a Facebook event.  Be sure to stress to your group that personal one-on-one invites to friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors is the most effective way to invite people.  Consider who your audience will be and how many people you aim to be in attendance. Remember the rule of halves for recruitment: If you call four people, two might accept. If two accept, don’t be surprised if only one shows up. You can maximize turnout by planning well in advance and sending reminders leading up to the event. 


Promoting Your Film Screening Event


Online Social Media

Social media is your friend! Create an event on Facebook, encourage people to invite their friends and promote it in their status. Use all the online communications you feel will help you promote the screening. If hosting a film screening in an institution you work or study in, post flyers in communal areas, try and get promotions sent in a staff or student email.
Use flyers/posters as your online visual tools to promote the event – post as your profile picture, and encourage others to do the same. The venue may have a mailing list at your disposal to advertise the screening. You can also send it to each of your friends and encourage them to forward it to their friends. You can also list your screening on community or church circulars. 
When hosting a film screening, free online advertising can be another easy way to generate interest and reach other audiences. Depending on the size of your film screening, online blogs related to your audience or the life of Clemente can also be a good place to advertise. You can do this for free; give them as much advance notice as possible.
Some tips for advertising:

Be concise: When, Where, What, Description, Cost, etc.

Make sure to look into any deadlines, and have your ads prepared to meet these deadlines.

Use the appropriate format for your advertiser. If it’s a blog – how long should the article be? If you want to include a photograph, what file type and resolution do they need?


We suggest you have some people assigned to take pictures of your screening to send the photos to us to share on the movie's Facebook page.  We will promote your screening on the movie's Facebook page and list it on the nationwide list of screenings on our website.  Also, it would be helpful if you can send the director emails for any press or media in your location so he can send them a press release.  You can send your own press release as well and any ideas for marketing to local media.  Cast and crew will try to be available for interviews by phone (schedule permitting.) Here are some links to prior press on the film:


Article on DVD release:


New York Clemente premiere:


Article on Clemente film in Tribune Review:


CBS Pittsburgh TV News Article and TV Video Report:


New article about Pittsburgh premiere of Clemente film:


Governor of PA. Honored movie on Clemente, click HERE:


Here's front page Pittsburgh Post Gazette article:


Here's Awesome article in Seamheads Baseball mag by Andrew Tuttle on the Clemente movie, you can read and leave a comment by clicking HERE:


Here's another article on the Clemente project from Backstage magazine, to read and leave comment click HERE:


The Facebook site for the film is 






TV Interview on Morning Show:


CBS TV news report on Pittsburgh premiere:


New TV interview about Clemente movie:


Richard Rossi interviewed about film for Steel City documentary:


Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 1, Click HERE:

Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 2, Click HERE:


Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 3, Click HERE:


Footage from 3 Scenes from first-cut of film, Click HERE:


Audition Scene from Richard's upcoming film "Baseball's Last Hero." To watch, Click HERE:


Richard's Recent TV Interview In Pittsburgh on Clemente Film. Click HERE:


Richard shares his vision for the Clemente film. To watch, Click HERE:


Promo trailer for "Baseball's Last Hero."  To watch, Click HERE:





Richard Rossi's radio interview with Marty Lurie on Clemente film is now online if you missed it:


For those of you who missed Richard's Dennis Miller Show interview about his Roberto Clemente movie, here's a link, thanks Dennis for promoting it on your website:


Radio interview with director Richard Rossi and Neil Haley on Clemente film (Scroll down to 8/14/13)


PLAYING ROBERTO RADIO INTERVIEW: Olympian Jamie Nieto talks with Marty Lurie about landing the film role of Clemente & his stellar performance that's generating buzz that he'll win awards for his acting. To listen free, click HERE:


In-person appearances of cast and crew: If you and your sponsoring group have it within your budget to fly a member of cast and crew for the screening and house them if an overnight is needed, so they can introduce the film and/or do a Q/A, we can check availability of schedules to see if anyone can come.  An honorarium for their time is suggested. 



I. Hospitality
How will you know who attended? Use a sign up sheet throughout the screening to collect people’s contact details and follow up and encourage them to get the DVD on Amazon.
Do you need volunteers to help set-up and clean-up?
Do you plan to serve food or drinks? Or allow someone else to sell them?
Pre-Event Checklist
Venue/any technical needs confirmed
Film/DVD arrived
Take time to watch the film in advance and make sure it’s in good working order
A camera to take pictures and record all your hard work!
Last Minute Checklist: The screening day is here!
Plan to arrive early to set up – info tables, arranging chairs, food, etc.
 Perform an audio/visual check prior to the screening.
 Table: As guests arrive make sure there is someone to greet them and have them sign-in and pay for their ticket or make a donation. This person should have a safe place to keep the money.
 Once guests are seated and ready to begin, let them know what to expect – if there will be a discussion after the screening.
 Make sure that your audience leaves knowing how they can order the film on Amazon and make a tax-deductible donation to ETERNAL GRACE. 
Introducing the film & Discussions:  We suggest having a host familiar with Roberto Clemente's story introduce the film. (This can be you or anyone in your group who is comfortable giving a brief public introduction and sharing what they know or have learned about Clemente and the film.)  Some screening have refreshments and a discussion after the film about the movie and Clemente's life.  This is suggestive only, and not required.  Please make a statement encouraging the audience to purchase the DVD of the film at Amazon.    



Post-Event Checklist
After the event, be sure to thank anyone who helped make the event a success.
 Hold a de-briefing meeting if you have a group of volunteers, to determine what was successful, and where there’s room for improvement the next time you hold an event or film screening. Just a five minute session over a quick drink/snack can really help identify key things that went well, or could be changed in the future.
 Email your guests and thank them for coming to the screening.
Download your photos and email them to us at and
 Return the money you collected to Eternal Grace. There are a number of ways you can donate:
-Online donation through to the email
-Send a check to: ETERNAL GRACE, 5030 Whitsett Ave, Suite One, Valley Village, CA 91607
 To host screening email or



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