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ETERNAL GRACE has no dues or fees.  We are self-supporting through our own contributions. 

"Nothing in the world matters but the kindness of grace, God's gift to suffering mortals..."  (Jack Kerouac, 1961)  


Welcome to Eternal Grace, a spiritual community being planted to support those making a journey towards grace.  We have experienced salvation by grace. Grace is the face love wears when it meets imperfection. Eternal Grace is a place where imperfect people are perfectly welcome.  We don't care who you are, or what you've done, you are welcome.  We have meetings worldwide, and our central office is headquartered in N. Hollywood, California.  Our mother church that founded the movement currently meets in four Southern California locations: North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Lakewood, California.





Email us at eternalgracechurch@yahoo.com and let us know where you are located so we can refer you to an Eternal Grace meeting closest to you.  Our gatherings consist of music, often a meal, communion (sharing bread & wine or grape juice), a brief biblical message, discussion, and opportunity for prayer.  The dress and atmosphere are casual and the meetings usually sit in circles rather than rows to facilitate informal interaction & discussion.  Our movement is organic and constantly evolving so meetings happen at new places and times, so emailing us requesting to be on invite lists will keep you in the loop.


Eternal Grace ministers to those recovering from rigid religion, to artists, and to youth through events for disadvantaged children.  We are outreaching to schools with our film on humanitarian and heroic athlete Roberto Clemente.  Our new film project "Canaan Land" will show the difference between toxic rigid religion that hurts people vs. healthy faith that heals people with the unconditional love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.  


It can be difficult to find a support system that can offer spiritual well-being and an outlet for one's art. Eternal Grace was founded by multi-medium artist Richard Rossi and his wife Sherrie as a fresh, accepting alternative for those who have tired of the agenda-based hijacking of religion by legalists.  






Our name was chosen by Sherrie Rossi after hearing a song lyric from the Lenny Kravitz song "Believe" that said: "The Son of God is in our face, offering us Eternal Grace."  Richard & Sherrie Rossi were a part of leading large ministries, high profile media attention, and trials and tribulations that devastated them and gave them reasons to leave faith behind.  But along the way, through pain, questions, and reassessment, Richard and Sherrie came to understand what God's grace is all about.  They learned more about grace through the School of Hard Knocks than though Liberty University, the Christian college where they met.   






Religious fundamentalists have misused and misrepresented the term "grace," and "salvation by grace."  In the wrong hands of the modern-day Pharisees, even the term grace is distorted into an emphasis on human worthlessness and shame.  Hyper-Calvinistic hellfire preachers teach that grace is only given to an elect few.   Eternal Grace is a ministry that challenges Christians to recognize grace truly is amazing, and it's more than a word in a famous hymn, or a religious catch-phrase.  It transforms how we view God, salvation, ourselves, each other, and the world at large.  


EG entices non-Christians to give Jesus a chance by sharing the true, transformational meaning of grace. Grace is the only answer that works and offers a society turned off by Christianity a healing remedy to the wounds inflicted on us by rigid religion.  Grace, ("Karis" in the original New Testament Greek), means "unmerited favor."  It is the idea that we all receive salvation freely.  When Jesus died on the cross as the propitiation  for the sins of the whole world, He prayed even for the people killing Him, "Father forgive them." Jesus forgives all of them.  Without their asking for it.  Before they knew it.  It is finished.  Done.  Paid for. Salvation is a gift.  Not because we earn it.  Not because of what we do or don't do.  Not because we pass a religious test or say the right words.  It's a gift of eternal grace because God loves us.  You don't have to earn God's love or fear God's wrath.  Just get to know God better.  This is the good news.  The Grace of God is a river that never stops flowing!






Eternal Grace is a proposition that produces products.  The proposition of eternal grace produces a community producing films and art that can inspire and educate, sharing strength, experience, hope, and faith in a way that attracts others without proselytizing.  Eternal Grace's first project, "Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story." was a small independent film produced on a very modest budget, which found it's way to the shelves of Blockbuster Video. 


Art is tribal.  The Impressionist painters met for lunch and painted each other.  Gifted artists have been drawn to the spirtual support and nurturing of Eternal Grace.  Here's a case study of the fruitfulness of EG's Hollywood house church network.  In one of our groups, a dozen artists met in North Hollywood in mutual support and connection with each other and with God, the Creator and Master Artist.  Within a short period, a flurry of art emerged from those connected to this house church.  Gifted directors like Mark Freiburger, Tim Chey, Drew Cinclair, and Richard Rossi produced a half dozen films between them that got international distribution.  Singer-songwriters like Mary Makarios, Laura Anderson, Robert Amberry, Aimee Blacher, Sheri Pedigo, Josh Rossi and his band The Aeons, and Richard Rossi wrote new songs, and music CDs were recorded and released.  Actor Craig Zucchero landed a part in the Clint Eastwood film "J. Edgar."  Sherrie Rossi wrote, directed, and produced a short puppet film on public safety to save lives. Stephanie Sullivan created and choreographed the gospel in dance.





Help us make our new film "Canaan Land."  We just launched a Go Fund Me campaign,  to check it out, click HERE: https://www.gofundme.com/canaanland


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