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Our founder Richard Rossi taught through the entire Book of Revelation, focusing on the purpose of the book to reveal Jesus and have a deeper revelation of Christ and intimacy with Him to anchor us in troubled times.  Here are links to the teachings which reflect our perspective as a movement:




Why the World Didn't End Today As Predicted by Doomsday Datesetters, Revelation Revealed, Pt. 2, listen by clicking HERE:


THE BOOK OF REVELATION, Part 3, Richard continues teaching through Revelation, in this episode exploring the theme of his new film 'Canaan Land," how to discern true vs. false in the church. He speaks candidly about scandals & issues involving Christian personalities & televangelists like Benny Hinn, TBN, Eddie Long, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson & others.  Chapter 2 of Revelation addresses signs of toxic ministries you will learn about, such as: Personality Cults, legalism, leaders who give themselves titles in order to manipulate others, & the spirit of seduction.  To listen, click HERE:


Listen now to replay on important issues radio broadcast on morning after Paris attacks, Rescuing World from Fundamentalism & Terrorism, Keys from the Book of Revelation (Pt. 4 in Revelation series), click HERE:


Revelation ch. 4 - Spiritual Secrets to defeating terrorism & media fearmongering, What the Rapture idea often misses in chapter 4, Heaven & Worship, Richard's 5th installment on the Book of Revelation. To listen, click HERE:


Part 6 in Revelation series.  Why fundamentalism leads to fear, terrorism, & violence.  Richard continues his Revelation series showing common themes in the fundamentalism in all religions, including his own background as a student at Liberty University.  He examines the New Covenant of grace, inaugurated in figurative language by the Lamb opening a scroll in Revelation chapter 5, to listen click HERE:


Richard's next radio show on Revelation, (part 7 in Revelation series).  Richard examines the archetypes of the four horses & the seals, populist politicians like Trump/Sanders, the dark side cellphone tracking technology dangers.  Richard examines the mistake the church has made tying their fortunes to various politicians in the last 40 years:


In this 8th message in Richard Rossi's Revelation series, Richard examines the iconic 4 horsemen (war, economic injustice, death) & how to overcome panic attacks & fear when the world is crazy.  Richard answers the question what is the antichrist spirit or counterfeit Holy Spirit? Listen HERE:


Why do intelligent people believe weird things, and fall for Doomsday Datesetting? What is the true meaning of the Mark of the Beast? What is the meaning of the 144,000 chosen few? What Old Testament books contain the key to interpreting the symbols in Revelation? Listen to replay Richard's 9th message on Book of Revelation, chapters 7 through 10:


If God is all good and all powerful, why is there suffering in the world? Richard continues his series on the Book of Revelation.  In this 10th message, he reviews the first half Revelation then delves into chapter 11 to face the toughest theology question in history, the theodicy "Devil's Dilemma."  Richard also discusses the "Two Witnesses" in Revelation 11. Click HERE: REVELATION CHAPTER 11: ANSWERING THE DEVIL'S DILEMMA - WHY IS THERE SUFFERING?


Richard Rossi teaches a hopeful, Christ-centered view of the Book of Revelation in contrast with the Doomsday Datesetters and their bleak beliefs of the "end times." "If you hear doomsday date-setters using the Bible to predict the world ends soon and we're in the last days and everything's bleak, don't believe them," Richard says. "The Bible says we are in a world without end (Read Ephesians 3:21) so pursue your dreams and enjoy life to the fullest."

Thiss show is the eleventh installment in Richard's teaching through the Book of Revelation, and deals with Revelation, chapter 12, the vision of the Mother and the Child. Click HERE:


Richard Rossi continues his series in the Book of Revelation. He covers Revelation, Chapter 13 - THE FUNDAMENTALIST PARANOID MINDSET AND THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Richard shows how a common background of being an outsider creates a vulnerability to believe a fundamentalist paranoid gestalt that is behind Isis, Christian rapture theories, Nazi-ism, and Illuminati conspiracy theories. You will learn what the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast is and isn't.


Revelation Chapter 14. Richard debunks doomsday datesetters predicting the end yet again for this coming weekend, addresses abusive preachers who claim the hurricanes are God's wrath, and answers fundamentalist critics of Richard and his film. Listen HERE:


RESCUING REVELATION FROM FUNDAMENTALISTS - Pt. 14. Revelation Ch. 15: Richard Rossi continues his teaching series though the Book of Revelation, debunking Doomsday Datesetters and continuing into Revelation, chapter 15.  Richard discusses the mark of the Beast, the misuse of Revelation by spiritual terrorists, rapture crapture, and the meaning of the symbolic song and Christ's reconciliation of all:


REVELATION, Chapters 16 and 17 The plagues, pandemic, and prostitute:


This message on Revelation 18 and 19, is controversial, RR teaching on Revelation and Debunking and Exposing Covid Conspiracy Theories from False Prophets, Telelvangelists, and those Merchandising Spiritual Gifts:


Richard Rossi continues his teaching through the Book of Revelation, this show is Chapter 20, discussing "One Thousand Years."


Revelation Chapter 21, A NEW EARTH:


Revelation 21, A NEW EARTH, Part 2, digging further into chapter 21: 


Revelation 22, THE LAST CHAPTER:







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