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The psalmist decribes in Psalm 1 a healthy spiritual person like a tree, that is grounded and rooted and fruitful.  Below are some resources to help you have the stability and fruitfulness in your life that a cultish church robs from you.



If you would like to have someone from Eternal Grace connect with you, send your request with a description of the toxic church experience you've been through to  It can be quite helpful to externalize your experience and tell it to someone else.


Due to the publicity surrounding our Canaan Land film, we have a waiting list of requests for us to call those abused by cultish churches.  We will try our best, although we make no promises or guarantees that we can, to find someone from EG with a similar experience to call you and help you discuss and unpack your experience.


In adddition, we strongly suggest you find a professional counselor to discuss your experiences with religious abuse.


We also recommend you choose an educated therapist with an earned doctorate, not a counselor from the church that hurt you.  Controlling churches often suggest you see a counselor from their church, but this often perpetuates the problem and blames the victim.


A therapist who is our friend and specializes in helping victims of religious abuse leave the fold of a toxic church is Dr. Marlene Winell. In addition to counseling, she also conducts "Release and Reclaim" retreats for victims of church abuse. Her website is:




"Girl At the End of the World" by Elizabeth Esther


"People In Glass Houses" by Tanya Levin


"Leaving the Fold" by Marlene Winell


"Demon Child to Child of God" Ginger Poore  


"Stick Man" by Richard Rossi


"Create Your Life" by Richard Rossi




Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests:





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