ETERNAL GRACE has no dues or fees.  We are self-supporting through our own contributions.




The Bible is a menu that describes the meal of communing with God and growing in grace.  A restaurant customer does not study the menu and then leave without dinner.  The goal of Eternal Grace is to experience spiritual growth, not to worship the Bible.


To merely study biblical healings without experiencing healing, is like studying a medical journal without performing surgery.  The issue is experiencing the Bible, not just knowing it.  The Book of James says to be doers of the word, not hearers only.  We may have scripture in our heads, but we need to get grace in our hearts.


The Bible is a guide, with an emphasis on God's presence and love.  We ask questions to discover what it means to us today.  We approach the Bible with a childlike openness to learn, rather than a know-it-all certainty that judges those with a different interpretation or level of understanding.  We come from diverse backgrounds.  Sometimes we may disagree agreeably.  What unifies us is our desire to do the works of Jesus: healing, restoring, and learning to love. 


Although our gatherings our Christ-centered, you are welcome whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.  We seek to grow by attraction, rather than promotion, so we do not seek to convert anyone by debate or manipulation.  We hope the presence of Christ where two or more gather in His name, will touch your heart with an awareness of God's love that attracts you to Him. 




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