ETERNAL GRACE produces films, music, and art.  Our latest film, CANAAN LAND, tells the story of Brother Billy, a toxic televangelist who uses his seemingly spiritual gifts to manipulate others, sometimes for money, sometimes for sex.  He falls in love with a sincere spiritual woman named Sister Sara, and Billy realizes his con game isn't a game anymore.  As audiences see our CANAAN LAND film and contemplate the contrast between toxic faith and authentic faith, we offer on this page help and healing resources if you've been harmed by rigid religion.  The church is supposed to be a healing family, but too often is a dysfunctional family rather than a safe and healthy place.  IF YOU'VE BEEN IN A CULT OR TOXIC ABUSIVE CHURCH, there are many who have recovered and are reclaiming their lives.  


How can you assess if a church or pastor is a cult?  RR teaches on Critical Thinking, using the B.I.T.E. model to help you evaluate if a group is a cult,

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Here are a few additional ways to discern if a church is healthy or unhealthy:


1. ISOLATION:  Unhealthy churches isolate participants from families and from viewpoints, books, and media different from the viewpoint of the church cult.


2. DISCOURAGES CRITICAL THINKING: Cults and toxic churches are prone to "group-think," in which participating in the group means echoing the leader and group thoughts and beliefs in a way that discourages creative and critical thinking and individuality.


3. CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP: There is nothing wrong with a charismatic leader, but in toxic cultish groups, followers give up following their own intuition. They completely believe in the leader without question, following them blindly due to the leader's charisma.  The church culture is based on an external  locus of control (the leader and his sermons and dogma), instead of an internal locus of control (the still, small voice within you, your own intuition, personal experiences and research).  


4,  GUILT: The sermons in cultish churches use guilt, shame, and fear to control you or get your money.  For example, one famous healing televangelist tells his followers that in order to get their healing and not be cursed by God, they need to send him a large offering.  


For more help, click the tabs at the top left of this page (Media and Referrals and Recommendations). You and your family can be free of the harmful effects and trauma of toxic religion.  "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free..."

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